Spinach Recipes

Spinach Salad with Oranges and Toasted Pecans

Creamy Orange-Cumin Dressing

1 Tbls mayonaise

1 Tbls plain low-fat yogurt

2 teaspoons frozen orange juice concentrate

3 Tbls olive oil

1 Tbls red wine vinegar

1 small clove of garlic or scape put through a press

1/4 teaspoon ground cumin


Freshly ground pepper

The Salad

8 cups of torn spinach leaves, well washed and spun dry

1 naval orange peeled and separated into sections, then each section cut in half

4 thin slices of red onion ( you could use scallions sliced thin )

20 pecan halves toasted

Make the dressing by placing the mayonnaise in a bowl and beating with a fork. Briskly beat in the other ingredients, cover and chill for at least an hour. Drizzle the spinach with the dressing. Top with the orange slices, sliced onion rings, and pecans. Serve immediately.