Holiday Weeks

Rick hates holiday weeks . He says it messes the schedule up. This is the first week in many years that we have missed farmer's markets. Florence was cancelled due to the fourth and Northampton will be minus Intervale due to a 90th Birthday celebration. We are taking 3 days off to travel to upstate New York for my Mom's birthday. Did I mention 3 days off !!!!

We have been irrigating and appreciated the small shower on the 3rd. It is dry and with the hot weather things are somewhat stressed. We are killing lots of weeds though. Hannah and Graeme did a great job on Tuesday when we spent the whole day weeding and hoeing and rototilling.

Yesterday, I introduced Hannah to the Mexican Bean Beetle while we were weeding the beans. It is time to order in those wasp to keep the beetle in check so we can start having those beans in a few weeks.

On a less than farming interest, we have been keeping an eye on a Mallard duck nest with 8 eggs on the edge of the pond. They should be close to hatching soon and look forward to some baby ducks swimming on the pond. I sometimes wonder what the mother duck thinks of our irrigation pump when it is running near her nest !! She seems unfazed by it so far.

Summer is in full swing and I hope everyone is enjoying the long days and warm sun.