Warm Weather on the Way.

Warm sunny weather has allowed us to put about 250 bales of hay in the barn this weekend. It is always hot and a lot of work but I think about feeding it out in the winter as we fill up the mow.

the strawberries are ripening fast so we will have them picked this week instead of asking you to pick them. If you have a strong desire to pick or you would like to do it with your children that is still a possibility.

The weeds are gaining fast, but with Graeme arriving this week we should be able to keep up better. My heart skips a couple of beats when I look at he onions !

We covered the next batch of corn to keep the crows out. It is difficult to out smart those birds !

I have found a nest of mallard eggs ( 8 total ) at the edge of the pond so I look forward to seeing baby ducklings sometime in the future. It will make a good excuse for taking breaks from work to go check out the pond.

I love this warm sunny weather. Hope you are enjoying it too.