Rain,crows,and weeds

This season has brought an extra early spring followed by a wet cool early start to summer. The crows are very hungry this year and have attempted to eat a good portion of the early corn, both Sweet and Indian Corn. We have tried to cover the corn with row cover to slow them down and can only hope that will detract them .

The old adage is that " a dry year will starve you, but a wet year will dill you " that is very true, because while irrigation can add water to parched fields, you can't stop the rain and consequently the disease or increased weed growth.

We are receiving 50 new pullets Friday so hopefully the eggs will start arriving at Intervale soon after the pullets.

With the start of the CSA and market season summer has arrived !! We look forward to sun and warm days , good food, fragrant flowers and maybe some time in the hammock with a good book.