Spring at the Farm

Lambs are cavorting and plants are growing

Each day brings a new life to the farm . Plants sprout in the greenhouse and lambs are welcomed in the barn. Last count had 27 lambs with 5 more ewes still to give birth. The lambs that are old enough come out into the barnyard each day with their mothers. It diesn't take long for them to start cavorting and running races . The yard fills with the sounds of the ewes calling and the lambs responding.

The greenhouse smells of earth and green plants growing. A few flowers have sprouted and their color brightens up the greenhouse space.

Plant of the day is "sorrel" , a perennial green that comes from the same family as buckwheat and rhubarb. It has a lemony-sour flavor and can be added to scambled eggs,sorrel soup or any early spring salad. I look for the leaves emerging in my herb garnden. The thought of a fresh green after a long winter is exciting and the fact that it is a perenniial makes looking for it's appearance in early spring a yearly ritual.