Winter Season is Upon Us

The cold weather has decended on Westhampton and Intervale Farm. Gone are the straw hats and sunscreen replaced by insulated overalls and wool hats. Outside work is not completely over as garlic and strawberries need to be mulched and clean up in the fields still continues. Carrots, turnips and leeks are still being harvested. Sheep are on pasture and I am sure their thick fleeces will protect them until they are moved into the barn for the winter. The start to indoor construction projects has not begun but hopefully by the end of December we will have a new walk in cooler in place.

Farmer's Markets ended last Saturday in Northampton and while we are glad to be done with the Covid 19 set up and the dark and cold mornings , we will miss the conversations and support of all our customers. We are grateful to live in a area where people support local farms.

Our family will not travel to relatives this Thanksgiving ( the one time of year when we travel away from the farm ) . We will celebrate quietly in our own home but be grateful that we are all healthy and that most of the food on our table will be from our own fields.

Stay warm, be safe and enjoy this time with your families.