Food for our Souls

This week started off with the first sighting of the barn swallows. They arrive on Rick's birthday every year and how it warms our hearts to see them return . It is why we chose them as our logo for the farm. I have been thinking of things that support and strenghten us during these trying times. I feel so grateful to walk into my place of work at the greenhouses and see all these beautiful flowering plants. I know the vegetable plants will go in the ground and feed our bodies, but what about our souls ? A bouquet of flowers for the kitchen table , a hanging plant to glance at on the porch, window boxes that make us smile when we approach our houses or glance out the window. Walking through my flowering perennial beds , I notice the lupines with water droplets from the night before. They make me stop and look closer. It is like a piece of art - nature's art. I know I need these things in my life every year but especially this year. I hope you find little bits of nature that feed your souls too.