Digging in the Dirt

After all the snow and rain in March and the beginning of April , I have been spending all my time in the greenhouse. I have seen no disease or insect issues in the greenhouse this season. The plants look great, but I am "itching" to get outside and work. Today, I took my "tour of the fields" to examine what survived the winter and think about where I will be planting what is now growing in the greenhouses. The herb garden looks good and the sorrel is poking through along with the chives. It felt good to clean up some of the beds and dig in the dirt a little bit . I uncovered the garlic and it looks to have survived the winter in good shape. The rhubarb is showing and should jump up quickly once the warmer weather hits. Rick put some nice chicken manure on it earlier this spring . Speaking of manure, Rick has been spreading the 2 year old manure on the fields with his "new" manure spreader. Since we haven't had an operable spreader in 2 years , the manure is nice and composted . Last year I began planting on the 19th of April , which is tomorrow. The weather sounds better for the weekend so I will probably be a few days late this year. It has been a long and unpredictable winter and my thoughts move to spring and hope for another bountiful growing season.