Ponderings while weeding carrots and beets

We have spent several hours lately on our hand and knees weeding carrots, beets, onions, and garlic. Some of us don't mind this work ( Anna ) and some of us get sore knees and necks (Maureen). It can go along quickly in the company of others but sometimes we outpace each other and work in solitude with our thoughts. I have recently been involved in some promotion of the farmer's markets and also working with a group of people to make the markets more accessible to folks of all incomes by finding funding for the food stamps (SNAP) program at the markets. Supporting local food production and access to healthy food for everyone are issues near and dear to my heart. The beets and carrots in our summer recipes have a long journey from seed to market. Rick plants the seed with his old planet jr. seeder ( think antique) and then he looks like a character from "Ghost Busters" as he put his flame weeder on his back to burn any weed seedlings that emerge before the beet and carrot plants germinate. This is followed by a cultivation with the tractor and finally , Anna, Graeme and I get on our hand and knees to give the plants one last clean up.

This process will hopefully result in tasty food for our customers at the markets and the CSA. When I was recently asked during an interview on farmer's markets why someone who is busy should take the time to shop at a farmer's market rather than a supermarket , my first thought was how fresh those carrots and beets will be when they are harvested the morning of a market or as an offering at a CSA. The enjoyment of food that is so fresh is a gift and one that everyone should have the chance to buy and eat. So my hope is that the summer brings many good harvest and some funding to extend this good food to everyone in the community .