First Day of Spring

It is hard to believe the first day of spring has arrived ! The greenhouses have suggested it is around the corner, but I keep thinking "where will I plant these early tender transplants ?" Lambing continues and I have to say even after thirty years , I still experience new things. With Rick gone most of the time, I had to warn lambs born during windy snow storms, search the uterus of a struggling ewe to deliver triplets ( the first for me - you can see their photo on the spring activities page ) , and quickly get a lamb born outdoors on the snow into the warmth of the barn. I was skiing to the farm during snow storms to check on the sheep when my truck couldn't get through our road. I laughed when I thought of myself as a "skiing Sheppard".

Yesterday, I was throwing some manure from the sheep pens on the herb garden when I smelled the first sent of mint as I stepped on the bed. After a winter like this it was heaven to think of the plants under the mat of leaves starting to poke their way through the frozen ground.

Today I transplant tender begonias, lisianthus, and browalia flowers , move all the onions and leeks to an unheated greenhouse and continue to get wood ready for the greenhouse. After all , it is still cold and those tender plants need heat at night to keep growing. But I sense those first plants of sorrel, the daffodils, crocus,forsythia and pussy willows getting ready to help us move into warmer weather. Before you know it , the first greens will be in the fields ready to harvest ....