Winter Market , Spring Planning and Cold Weather

The seed catalogs have been spread out on the dining room table for weeks now, flower and herb seeds are ordered. ( Rick is still dreaming and needs to place orders ). The winter market has one more week to go and then the shearing and greenhouses start up. The ewe's are starting to grunt when rising from a laying position, their bodies heavy with lambs. The cold weather has kept the sheep in the barn more often to keep the water pipes from freezing up. They don't seem to mind the cold weather at all. We are getting wood ready to heat the greenhouse, but I must say I am glad to have the greenhouse empty when the temperatures are below zero. The chickens keep laying but we never seem to have enough eggs. i have just ordered the new pullets for this spring. It is hard to resist sitting by the wood stove this tie of year. All those books that piled up during the growing season are a luxury to dive into with a warm cup of tea and the warmth of the stove.