We finally got the rain we needed this weekend. Rick was just planting more carrots and beets for the fall. All the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts will be happy with this change in the weather. Field tomatoes are coming in now along with the new planting of basil I started to replace the plants that just dried up . You have to have basil with the tomatoes !!

Beans are done for a short while til the next batch starts to produce. I just seeded a new bed of arugula and greens for salads. it has been difficult to grow lettuce this summer but we keep plowing ahead with it anyway. I saw a few red raspberries on the few early plants we have , but it will be hard to say how the larger planting will do with it having been so dry. Hopefully this rain will help them along.

The corn is still a mystery to me. I suppose Rick will just walk in with the first batch and I will be as surprised as you are !