Rain , Bugs and other Summer issues

We were happy to see the rain yesterday. It was truly needed. On other issues , we assume you have noticed that we are not swimming in squash as often is the case this time of year. We have been hit by squash vine borer and it has drastically reduced yield. Since this is our first encounter with this insect, we were taken by surprise. Cucumber wilt has been transmitted to the plants via the cucumber beetle and that has affected their yield also. Tomorrow , we hope to get more plants in the ground in an area far from the infected plants.

Corn and tomatoes are slow for us this year. Rick picked some corn on Friday but it appeared to have poor pollination ( which means ears that are not filled out ) due to the dry weather.

We will have a harvest of yukon gold potatoes tomorrow . They are my favorite.

In a bit of frustration last week , Rick approached me to say we needed to set new goals ( we had old ones ???). His plan is to grow more intensely around the buildings and hopefully keep ahead of things. ( you know those days when you start to feel your age ? ) He feels like this summer he just can't keep up. I told him not to get too discouraged. It has not been an easy season. You folks have been great as usual and we appreciate all your support with the CSA.

Hope someone is reading this but if not, it is a good way to express frustrations and thoughts.

Have wonderful vacations for those we won't see this week.